Designing flex circuits for OEMs and flex manufacturers.

Flex circuits are unique - not purely mechanical parts nor purely electrical parts.

There are many PCB designers available,
but very few know the intricacies of flex circuits!

At Flex Circuit Design Company we understand these intricacies,
because that’s all we design - flex circuits!

Flex Circuit Design Company is the foremost service bureau in the western USA
specializing in flex circuit design. We have been in business since 1992.

We offer our customers that unusual understanding
of both the mechanical properties of flex circuits
and high volume manufacturing, building into our designs
the various manufacturing tolerances needed to produce a good circuit.

We are knowledgeable in designing for leading-edge manufacturing methods
such as additive circuitry, laser processing and microvias, as well as
assembly technologies such as flip-chip and chip-on-flex.
We design circuits for fiberoptics, disk drives, medical equipment,
telecommunications, military/aerospace and many other applications.

We can accept data in many formats including AutoCAD, DXF, GERBER,
Cadence Allegro, OrCAD and Altium.

When you have a flex circuit to be designed,
let us be your flex circuit designers...on call!!!

About Tom Woznicki, CID+

Tom Woznicki, owner of Flex Circuit Design Company, has over twenty-seven years
experience in the industry and has established a reputation as an eminent authority
in the fast-changing field of flex circuitry. He has his CID certification as a pcb designer from the IPC.

Before starting Flex Circuit Design Company he worked at Rogers Corporation,
then one of the largest flex circuit manufacturers in the USA.

He has a Mechanical Engineering degree and an MBA
from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.



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